I wonder as I continue the journey through my forties, am I having a mid life crisis? And in that, a few questions spring to mind. What is mid life – is it 40?  45?  And what type of event quantifies a crisis? Change of job? Change of partner? Change of attitude and outlook? Or the realisation you are a mere mortal and at some point you need to take accountability for your health?  I think mine is the last one.

Any thoughts?





The biography of a book chapter: a short photo essay

Very interesting read

The Trickster Prince


It starts with the sources and stories; that’s where it always starts. Not stories that exist full-formed and discerned. No. These are stories that exist always-already in-the-process-of-becoming; stories that consist in half-thought ideas, half-glimpsed connections, half-baked moments. Intuition? Perhaps. Often I do not know where they come from. Always I suspect they are wrong but worth trying still.


It continues with the sources. Hard won over many years and forgotten long ago. To re-enter box files is to meet old friends or to be struck with the shock of the new. I told you I had forgotten these sources long ago. It continues as an archaeology of our accreted days and months in some dusty archive or other.


It stops. It stops just at the moment when you open a document to begin. The blank page takes on the haunting qualities of nightmare. The blank page seems a proxy for…

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Doing more only to do less – do we glorify busy?

I don’t really think I could add any comments that haven’t been said – thankfully it only took me till my mid 20s to realise if I wasn’t at work, the whole corporate world wouldn’t collapse – however if I got a paper cut the share price would certainly fall and that’s why updating OH&S was so very important.

Campari and Sofa

Stop the glorification of busy. My friend Gavin was telling me about a conversation he had with some Dutch colleagues. Gavin, and his compadre Georgina, find that the sheer volume of work they are confronted with on a weekly basis is just un-doable within the confines of a normal 8-hour work day. So they regularly put in 10-hour days at the office. And another couple of hours at home picking up emails. This causes all sorts of problems: they’re tired all the time, their spouses feel ignored, they don’t want to go out at night or over the weekend and they lose touch with friends.

Hmmfff…”, said their pals, “In Holland, if you were to work like that we would think you were not coping.”

“Am I”, he wondered, “not coping? Or am I doing more than I should? And if I am doing more than I should –  what should I stop doing? And…

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18 – The Anthology

I have downloaded this anthology and the stories are pretty darn good – I really enjoyed them. Short enough to read on the toilet (obviously only if your doing a number 2) or you could read one on a short bus trip, or the whole lot on a long bus trip. And really interesting
Highly recommend

Allan Walsh - Author

On one of my recent posts I mentioned that my Writers’ group – Vision Writers’, were producing an anthology. Well, I am happy to announce that ’18’ is here! Woohoo, I hear you all shouting. And believe me, I am just as excited as you are.

The anthology celebrates 18 years of Brisbane based writers’ group – Vision Writers’. The group has a number of published members, including our founders Marian De Pierres and Rowena Corey Daniels. Vision Writers’ has a variety of characters from all walks of life, and as a member of the group you’re sure to get honest and invaluable feedback on any stories you submit for critique. I have learned a great deal from this fantastic Medley of Sci fi, Fantasy and Horror Authors.

18 Showcases the talents of some of our current authors with thirteen stories to lose yourselves in. The anthology covers tales of…

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