My first blog

Isn’t this just amazing! This whole Blog phenomena. The ability to share thoughts and ideas with anyone with an internet connection. Hmmm, they might need a laptop too I guess; or a tablet; or smartphone; or a library card so they can pop to the local library and use the internet; or even a friend that has one of the above.

I have not blogged before, not really written a journal or diary and never put myself or any ideas out there for public scrutiny. I could be considered a touch self-conscious. Suffering from anxiety at meeting new people, attending functions, or offering up ideas is not uncommon for me. Oh, but it’s all part of my charm. (really I should put a bit more in here about me – but was a little bit distracted – see below note – that happened about here, well just before I wrote *new people)

Do I have to explain that I can be a little sarcastic, paranoid, self detracting, cynical and jumpity or do I hope that you work out. Not sure really. I’ll just see how I go.

Wow – just quickly – I just clicked on the ‘Distraction Free Writing’ button as I was blogging, now I am so distracted. I think I am so used to visual stimulus all over the place on the laptop I have no idea what I am doing without it all. Next WordPress will be telling me to go sit in a quite room, free from the distractions of the TV showing me amazing houses, the dogs barking, the washing machine spinning and oh, that’s the cat at the door. Madness I tell you, absolute madness. How do people think in such a ‘distraction free’ setting. Let me just switch back now before I completely forget what I am doing, I’ll go let the cat in and then I am back.

This blog is not particularly about anything. I have no false expectations that this will be read by more than a handful of people.  I have no aspiration to become ‘blogger of the century’ and I don’t hold any vision to change the world with the power of my words (although, I am sure I had that dream once when I was young and optimistic)

I have been told I can babble – but normally only do so to people who know me really well and I feel comfortable with. Or on the other hand, I can babble when very nervous, and that will be to the poor sod that just happened upon me and asked a question that only needed a yes or no answer. This blog is let the useless information in my head out , to babble at will, and it may ease the pain of my nearest and dearest’s ears.

I would like to put down interesting tid bits of information that I come across from time to time too. I just learnt the yesterday the bumblebee can sting more than once as its stinger is not barbed. That is information that I did not know, and yet would be really useful if I lived in a country that had lots of aggressive bumblebees.

Another interesting fact – I have named my Blog after the bumblebee.

Things that I would like to deliberate on in the future will range from the use of strange words in the **corporate world to the ability of shoe shopping to solve the problems of my world for the day.

I am looking forward to writing more and am hopeful you will look forward to reading.

Enjoy your night. 🙂

**I just looked for a synonym for discuss and the thesaurus website came up with ‘Groupthink’. Groupthink? Now that belongs in the corporate world and I am so taking it to the office with me on Monday